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Class Teacher:   Miss Amy Jones

Learning Support Assistant: Mrs E. Smith and Mrs B. Nash

Year 5 and 6

Key Information

Hello and welcome to Oak class!  

Summer 2016

This term our topic will be Ancient Rome and already the children have completed some brilliant holiday homework so we’ll be experts in no time! Throughout the topic we will be making links with other subjects so that the knowledge is embedded across the curriculum.

Please find details of all that we are studying in the attached curriculum overview for Oak Class in Year B, Term 3.

Swimming starts Thursday 14th April for Year 5!


Homework will be given on a Friday and expected back in on a Wednesday. Homework will consist of daily reading, spelling and times table practise as well as a piece of English or Maths that could sometimes link with our topic. If you have any concerns about homework, please feel free to come and speak to me. Children who do not complete their homework on time after 3 occasions will be expected to do it in their lunch break. Homework club is on a Tuesday after school.



Summer 2015 - Terrible Tudors

This term we are sailing back over 500 years in time to Tudor England! The Tudors were a Welsh-English family that ruled England and Wales from 1485 to 1603 - one of the most exciting periods of British history. They ruled for 118 years. We will focus our historical learning this term on the discoveries of Tudor Explorers and the 6 wives of King Henry VIII.

In literacy we will be learning all about the daily life of the rich and the poor in Tudor times as we research, plan and publish reports about them. We will also be developing our speaking and listening skills as we role-play, hot seat and write our own play scripts as we further our understanding of Tudor Exploration. 

In maths we will be revising our use of all four number operations when problem solving as well as our knowledge of number sequences such as prime numbers, factors and multiples of different numbers. We also recap our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages, calculating percentages of and off an amount. Calculating averages and transformations will also be our focus this term. We are all looking forward to our school maths week this term. We have already planted sunflower seeds in time for this and will be enjoying solving Tudor maths problems throughout the week.

In science this term we will develop our understanding of the circulatory system and the heart as well carrying out a keeping healthy investigation. Our learning in science this term will help us to plan a healthy exercise routine and diet for King Henry VIII. 

In DT our design brief is to research, plan, design, make and evaluate a throne fit for a modern day royal – Prince George! We will carry out research into materials and decorative techniques used to make chairs and make a modern day throne perfect for a prince. 

We will be learning about Sikhism this term in our RE topic – ‘Sacred to Sikhs’ and compare the Sikh religion to other faiths we have studied. 

Finally, we will be developing our athletics skills in PE in preparation for our sports day and District sports competitions next term. We will also be improving our hand eye coordination skills and team work as we play cricket. 


Spring 2015 - Where's Wally

This term we will be following the adventures of Wally all over the world!

Our Where’s Wally journey begins on the shores of Walton-on-the-Naze where we will explore the human and physical features of the coast. Our writing skills will be put to the test here as we learn how we can keep our coasts clean, our findings will be published as a set of instructions. We will then fly to St Lucia in the Caribbean to discover what life is like on the island and make comparisons with the UK. Our narrative writing skills will also be developed along the way as we create adventure stories inspired by Mr Benn and Maia Walczak. We will then follow Wally to the Amazon rainforest where we will put our scientific skills of animal classification to the test! We will learn about the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, birds, insects and plants as well as investigating how species are adapted to survive in their environments. In literacy we will publish our findings about the animals we have studied in a non-chronological report. Before heading home we will fly to the French Alps to discover what life is like in a mountainous region and complete our travels by producing a written explanation in our ultimate explorers unit!

In maths we will further develop written methods of subtraction, multiplication and division. We will revise our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages as well as learn how to solve ratio and proportion problems. We will also extend our knowledge of shapes as we investigate their properties and develop our position and direction skills. This term we will further develop our problem solving and reasoning skills culminating in our participation in the KS2 maths competition!

In PE this term we will focus on developing our basketball and gymnastic skills before half term and our football and dance skills after half term.

Our art work this term will focus on the famous work of art ‘Bathers at Asnières’ By Georges Seurat and experiment with our pointillism skills. We will make observational drawings and experiment with our use of different media. After half term we will study the painting ‘Mont Sainte-Victoire’ by Cézanne and recreate our own impression of the painting.

Hinduism and the Trimurti is our focus in RE this half term and in the run up to Easter we will develop our speaking and listening skills as we role play the last week of Jesus’ life in preparation for our Easter service.

In our computing lessons we will learn all about cyber safety and become web developers as we create a page all about staying safe online.

Jazz is our focus in music this term as we learn the Three Note Bossa and the Five Note Swing. We will also be learning about Benjamin Britten and study his song: ‘A Tragic Story’.

To help support your child’s learning this term, visit Walton on the Naze and take a look at the landscapealso visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/riversandcoasts/and http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks2geography.html


Autumn Term (2) 2014 - Spectacular Space

This term we will be flying into outer space!

To leap into our topic this term we will be researching the life of Neil Armstrong as we read his biography in literacy and will have a go at creating biographies of our own. As astronauts, we will be creating adverts for a new recruit to join our space team and create diary entries on our travels. We will also be developing our poetry skills as we write poems based on the seasons, inspired by Ted Hughes. In our SPAG lessons we will further develop our punctuation and grammar skills.

Our topic in Science this term is sun, earth & moon; we will revise how days, nights months and years occur! We will carefully observe the moon over the next month to help us understand how the moon appears to change shape. We will also be revising our knowledge of light, how it travels and how shadows appear and change in different settings.

In maths we will be developing our knowledge of improper and mixed fractions . We will also be using our knowledge of geometry to help us calculate the area and perimeter of triangles and paralellograms. Our knowledge of percentages will also be revised as we find percentages of amounts, including money. We will also revise written methods of subtraction, multiplication and division.

Will be using our sketch books to develop our use of tone and shade as we re-create our own impressions of the planets and other solar bodies such as asteroids, meteors and comets! We will then work in teams to try to recreate our own version of the solar system as we make papier mache models of the planets and the sun!

In dance we will be creating sequences to the planets suite music, thinking carefully about the tempo, volume and mood of the music and how this can be reflected in our movements. In games we will be developing our hockey skills in preparation for a tournament. We will also be taking a team to a tag rugby competition after developing

Humanism and the secular world is our focus in RE this half term and we will be cryptographers as we crack codes in our computing lessons!

To help support your child’s learning this term, why not visit the space area in the Science museum in London or look at this website with your child at home!
There are also many great apps you can download for free with lots of factual information about space!


Autumn Term (1) 2014 - Mayan Madness

This term we will be travelling back in time to the age of the Ancient Mayan Civilisation! We will study historical evidence, including artefacts to research and blog about Mayan everyday life and create non-chronological reports to publish our findings in class. In history we will compare similarities and differences between Mayan cities and society to the present day as well as research about their religion and beliefs, writing and technology and their mysterious disappearance… We will also be learning a Mayan legend using talk for writing actions and studying the structure of narrative writing and will produce our own version of an Ancient Mayan legend!

In maths our understanding of place value will be revisited as we recap skills of rounding, multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 & 1000. We will be consolidating our application of written addition, subtraction and multiplication methods to contextual word problems using whole numbers and decimals. We will apply what we have learnt this term to converting measures and calculating problems about time using both the 12 and 24 hour clock.

As inquirers, in science we will also be travelling back in time to learn all about the topic of evolution! We will study fossils and discover clues about living things from millions of years ago, including the dinosaurs! We will learn about the life of Charles Darwin and his theory of natural selection as we design and make our own bird beaks to play a game of; ‘bird, beak, struggle! We will use our findings to explore inheritance and  how animals have developed specific adaptations over time. As scientists we will gather together our research and evidence to understand how the theory of evolution explains the origin of human kind and piece together a brief timeline of human evolution.

Using our qualities of being a reflective learner, in RE we will be learning all about Christianity and the story of Genesis. We will learn all about the beliefs of Christians about how the world began and compare this to Darwin’s theory of evolution. Sharing our own thoughts and opinions, considering the beliefs of the Mayans, Christianity and Charles Darwin we will hold a class debate about one of life’s biggest questions – ‘How did the world begin?’

In DT we will learn about the art of weaving which is still a tradition that is practiced in central America today, the home of the Mayan civilisation. We will plan, make and evaluate our own rugs, using a range of weaving techniques.

We will be developing our gymnastic and tag rugby skills in PE this term  and in our language study we will continue to develop our French conversational skills. We will be looking at how computing has developed over time and become game developers in our computing lessons this term which we are really looking forward to!


Summer Term 2 - 2014

This term we will be flying to Brazil in preparation for the Football World Cup this summer and our production of…'The Jungle Book!' We will be researching all about the physical and political features of Brazil including the Amazon rainforest, ways of living, famous sights, religion, currency and languages! Our research into the Amazon rainforest will lead us to find out about animal species that live there. In science  we will be finding all about how common and rare species of animals that live in the Amazon are adapted to survive in their environment.  

We will link much of our literacy work this term on 'The Jungle Book' film. We will be watching the film and be planning and writing our own narrative version of the story for our chosen character's perspective! We will be using persuasive language as we create holiday brochures to Brazil as well as writing instructions about how to survive in the jungle, inspired by Ray Mears himself! We will also be developing our ICT skills as we create invites and programmes for our production. We will of course be developing our speaking and listening skills this term as we rehearse for our production performance!

As the Football world cup in Brazil is nearly here, we will be conducting investigations into the organisation of the world cup in our maths lessons. As well as this we will be costing out a holiday to Brazil taking account of accommodation, travel and tourist attractions including tickets to the World Cup! Using our knowledge of Brazil we will also investigate the cost of importing and exporting foods and the importance of fair trade.

In DT we will be planning, making and evaluating our own jungle animal masks for our production of the 'Jungle Book '. We will also be making the props we will use on stage.

We will be improving our athletics skills in PE this term as we enjoy developing a range of track and field disciplines both indoors and outdoors. We will also be developing our rounders skills.

In RE this term we are going to learn all about Islam focusing on Ka'bah & the Hajj. We will learn about Islam ways of life and compare these to Christian beliefs and values.

Click here to view the Overview of Learning Summer 3:2 for parents.


Summer Term 1

Summers arrived and Oak Class are going to be surfing around the coastlines of the UK this term as we learn all about coastal erosion and its impact on shaping coastal areas such as Birling Gap, Durdle Door and Saltburn by the Sea! We will also be delving into the depths of oceans worldwide this term, as we find out about coastal habitats and use identification keys to recognise rare marine creatures and their adaptations. We will also fly to Thailand to investigate how tsunamis occur, the devastation that they can cause to coastline communities and the progress that is being made ten years on. We will also be researching the impact of human activity on our coastlines, including our case study; The Holbeck Hotel. As well as this we will investigate the effects of litter pollution on our coastlines and will be writing formal letters of complaint as a result.

'The Big Wave' by Hokusai will be our focus in art this term as we create our own impressions of the painting as well as conducting an artists study into one of the impressionist artists.

In PE we will be developing our kwik cricket and orienteering skills.

We will be revising the following areas in maths, including: word problems involving all four number operations, fractions, decimals & percentages, ratio, rounding, time, inverse operations and data. We will also be having a maths week this term combining our mathematics and orienteering skills.

In RE we are going to learn all about Buddhism, focusing on 'Living as a Buddhist, devotional practices & the middle way'. We will learn about Buddhist ways of life and compare these to Christian beliefs and values.
Click here to view the  Overview of Learning Summer 3:1 for parents.


Spring Term 2

This term Oak Class will be learning all about Light & Sound! We will be watching the film  ‘El Caminante!’ and analysing the use of light and sound to create the short film, from which we will create and perform our own playscripts! In science we will be investigating sources of light and sound and learning all about how our eyes and ears work as well as making a ‘Pringle Camera’. We will also plan and carry out fair tests investigating which material is best to muffle sounds!

Also in the run up to Easter this term, we have baby chicks arriving, which is most exciting! On our Easter theme we will be designing, making and evaluating the process of creating light up Easter cards. In literacy we will be creating Easter poems and instructional booklets about ‘How to care for a chick!’

In maths we will be focusing on the following areas: word problems involving all four number operations, ratio & proportion, rotational symmetry, coordinates & transformation, fractions, decimals & percentages and area & perimeter.

In PE we will be further developing our basketball skills as well as revising our hockey skills, both helping to further develop our hand eye coordination, communication and team work. We will also be developing our dance skills this term with our dance specialist Miss Neal focusing on;  street dance - get your moves ready!

Finally in RE we are going to learn all about Christianity in our local and global community this term! We will be looking at the work of local churches and Chelmsford Cathedral as well as that of global Christian charities. We will also be learning all about the Easter story.

Click here to view the Overview of learning Spring 2:2 for parents



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