Growth Mindset

As a school we have been looking at mindsets and learning about the 2 main type of mindsets that children and adults can have, a ‘fixed’ mindset and a ‘growth’ mindset.

Below is an overview of the traits of each.

FIXED Mindset

GROWTH Mindset

  • I like my work to be easy
  • I don’t like to try a challenge
  • I want my teacher to praise me for how clever I am
  • I believe I cannot change how clever I am
  • I don’t like to try new things because I won’t be very good at it
  • If I’m doing well at a task, then I find one question difficult – I give up.
  •  I like my work to be difficult – it means I am learning
  • I love challenges
  • I want my teacher to praise me for the effort I put into my work
  • I believe I can get more intelligent
  • I want to try new things that are tricky, practise them and then achieve
  • I feel clever when I’m learning something new

I’m sure you can recognise yourselves and your children in these mindsets.


It has been proven that having a growth mindset can improve children’s progress and attainment.

We are trying to prove to children that by having a growth mindset , facing new challenges and by putting in the practise and hard work, they can grow their brain and their intelligence and become better at things they thought were difficult. We have been learning about how your brain can grow and make connections between neurons, therefore the things you thought were hard once, with practise and effort can become easy!


I have set the children a challenge to try and prove this. They need to try and learn to juggle. If they can practise hard and keep trying, eventually they will be able to juggle – this is a challenge that I am taking on too!


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